Volunteering for HAR is not just about taking dogs and cats into care…

Can you – sew, cook, print, photocopy, photograph, drive, fundraise, design documents, update webpages… then we could use your help!

Volunteer Application Form



To make arrangements send us an email

We are all volunteers and any extra costs we incur come out of our pockets.

Any assistance is very welcome and we thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts.

Wish List

  • Small/ Medium/Large Transport Crates
  • Worm, Flea /Tick Treatments
  • Cat/Dog Collars and Leads
  • Dog /Puppy dry and wet food
  • Cat/Kitten dry and wet food
  • Kitten and Puppy Milk
  • Large Storage Tubs with Lids
  • Cat Scratching Poles
  • Kitty Litter
  • Dog/Cat Toys
  • Bedding
  • Pet Shampoos
  • Stationery
  • Books of stamps
  • Pens & wire crates
  • Divetelact (formula)
  • Puppy pads


The majority of HAR animals are rescued from Singleton, Muswellbrook, Port Stephens and Wyong Animal Care Facilities.

We reguarly need transport for these animals to and from carers, vets and even to new homes. Sometimes we will require jobs like picking up supplies.

We generally email out transport requests containing the type of animal needing to be transported and the location of the pick up/drop off points.

If you can help please fill out the volunteer application above.


Are You..

Web Savvy?

HAR are currently looking for volunteers to help with webpage updates. Managing and updating the pages is typically done daily/weekly for the HAR website and Facebook page.

Camera Savvy?

HAR are currently looking for volunteers to help with making videos or helping foster carers without access to the internet or a digital camera to take and submit photographs of their fosters for the website.

Does your work have an Intranet?

Volunteers adding HAR info, our ‘Pet of the Week’ and event information to their own networks or intranets helps to promote us dramatically, so if you can help with this at your work please do!


Become a Foster Carer

Fostering is a process of taking an animal who will be put-to-sleep when their allotted time is up at a pound, and placing them into a carer’s home where they have a backyard to run around in and someone to look after them until their forever home can be found. Carers are all volunteers who provide food, shelter and love while the search is on for the animal’s forever home.

Foster Carers are usually animal lovers who, for various reasons, are unable to have another pet permanently. We are always in need of new foster carers – the more carers we have, the more animals can be saved.

If you are interested in becoming a carer please complete relevant online applications and we will contact you shortly.

Foster carer application form

HAR Membership form