What to do if your pet is lost:

1. ACT IMMEDIATELY – Don’t wait, each passing hour reduces your chances of finding your pet.

2. SEARCH THE NEIGHBOURHOOD THOROUGHLY – Search sheds, garages, buildings, parks, schools, waterways, construction sites. Do a complete door-knock, returning to houses where no-one was home later and ask every single passerby – you never know who may have spotted your dog or cat. If you have a local Neighbourhood Watch group, enlist their help. Ask the Postman – they go to every home and could be a great help. Ask schoolchildren – they walk the neighbourhood, and can be a great resource. They may also know if the dog is in someone’s backyard.

3. LIST ONLINE – There are many websites that will list lost animals, we recommend “LOST PETS NEWCASTLE” for pets lost in Newcastle and the Hunter. Create a Facebook page dedicated to locating your pet – it’s amazing how many people will help.

4. POSTERS – Make an A4-sized poster which has simple, clearly-read points. Eg: LOST, DALMATIAN, MALE, PHONE NUMBER. Ensure it is easily read from a distance. Only include a picture if it is representative of your pet, and will reproduce well in black & white. Do a letterbox drop in your area. Put posters in shops, vet clinics, bus stops, on telegraph poles, community noticeboards (check out local fast-food stores, supermarkets), school noticeboards. Stick a poster to the back window of your car. Notify your local police, the RSPCA, your local pound and vet clinics. Leave a full description of your pet, your name and contact details. Ask them to read the details back to you to ensure they have the correct details. Advertise in daily and weekly newspapers. Contact local radio stations – many run free announcements.

5. VISIT ANIMAL SHELTERS IN PERSON – This is extremely important. The pound or shelter may mistakenly identify the breed, the microchip may not read correctly, or may have out of date information. You should check more than your nearest shelter and you should check more than once. See the bottom of our links page for a list of shelters.

6. Please also check the Lost Pet Finders website.