• Breed: DSH

  • Age: 1/6/16

  • Sex: Female

  • Number: c18107

  • Adoption Fee: $150

  • Suburb in care: New Lambton

  • Suitable as an only cat?: Yes
  • Good with kids?: Yes
  • Good with other cats? Yes
  • Good with dogs?: Possibly
  • Good with birds?: Unknown
  • Litter Trained?: Yes
  • Activity Level?: Low
  • Preferred human interaction?: All the time
  • Level of grooming required?Low


 All about me and my unique personality:

I love humans, so I treat them very gently and I like to talk to them.  Sometimes we even have whole conversations!  While I’m not much of a lap cat (it’s been too hot anyway) I like being near people most of the time.  Just to hang out in the same room and chat, or share the couch, and of course to ask for occasional pats and belly rubs and playtime.

I have a gentle nature and I’m fantastic company.  I’m not a scaredy cat, but I am cautious.  I’m only a little bit curious and I’m not super interested in climbing, which is great for the household because I don’t get up to much mischief.

I am still very young, so I looove to play.  I can play on my own, but I have the most fun when I play with others.  I look forward to it every day.  I know to treat property with respect, and generally only play with things that are given to me.  Soft teaser toys  are my most favourite thing ever.  I love to stalk them and then pounce!!

My foster mum has been getting me used to a harness.  I’m not sure what to make of it yet.  I think it will take more work before I’m used to it and ready to go outside.  I’m not even sure I’m too interested in going outside!

My ideal home: 

I think I will do well in any home, but would thrive in a home where I had someone to talk to and play with regularly.

 What is known about my background: 

I somehow found myself pregnant and in the pound!  Since then I’ve been staying with HAR carers.  I’ve had my kittens and weened them, had all my vaccinations and am now desexed.

 How do I interact with kids, cats, dogs and other pets?:

Delilah will be fine with with kids but at this stage has not met the resident cats or dogs.

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