Please understand, in order for Hunter Animal Rescue to consider taking your pet into care a number of factors need to be considered.

  • Availability of a carer. Hunter Animal Rescue is not an animal shelter, all our foster dogs are kept in carer homes and part of their family. All rescue organisations are limited by the number of volunteer foster carers they have who are willing to open up their homes to assist animals in need. If an appropriate carer is not available we will not be able to assist.
  • Rehome-ability. HAR cannot rehome animals with aggression issues. We are also unable to assist animals with major behavioral issues as we lack the resources to keep surrender animals in care for extended periods. HAR is also a charity organisation so cannot provide long term care for animals with major medical problems. It is unfair to your senior animal to attempt to rehome it late in it’s life, if you do not want to accept the “burden” of a senior animal that you have had for a number of years you can understand that it is unlikely anyone would want to adopt your pet.
  •  Vetwork. Hunter Animal Rescue has a focus on saving animals who are in need at pounds and shelters. We offer a limited number of spaces in care when available to try to assist the pets of responsible owners who for reasons beyond their control need to find new families for their pets. We insist on surrenders being vetworked as evidence of responsible pet ownership and so our limited resources can be used to assist animals in shelters and pounds. Pets that do not have complete vet work may be considered for Direct Rehoming.

What is Direct Rehoming?

Direct Rehoming applies if the animal can remain in your care until a home is found. This option may apply to animals who are not fully vetworked. A HAR volunteer will act on behalf of your pet, listing it on our HAR pages whilst the pet remains in your care. The volunteer will assess applications to find an appropriate home for your pet, arrange vet work, completing paperwork and all aspects of rehoming. Upon agreeing to list your pet for direct rehoming the pet is signed over to Hunter Animal Rescue and any persons interested in adoption will be required to contact HAR.

HAR will provide standard treatments – ie worm and flea products and arrange for any outstanding vet work to be completed prior to adoption. A two week trial period will apply upon adoption and you must be able to take the animal back into your care should the trial period and subsequent adoption not work out. The Direct Rehoming process can take days or months and you must be committed to keep the animal in your care for that time. Should at any point you decide the animal can no longer remain in your care the Direct Rehoming contract is void and HAR has no responsibility for your pet.

Should you wish your pet to be considered for Surrender to Hunter Animal Rescue or Direct Rehoming through Hunter Animal Rescue please tick the relevant boxes on the form. The option to consider your pet for surrender will only be available if your pet is vetworked. Ticking these boxes does not guarantee we will be able to offer these services to your pet as both require an appropriate volunteer to be available.

Animals being considered for direct rehoming and surrender will listed on the Public Listing page whilst the application is assessed.  You will be contacted if HAR is able to offer your pet a place in care or in our Direct Rehoming System.