Success Stories

Some of our success stories!

This has always been one of our favourite pages. Our carers would like to thank the new owners of their beloved former foster animals for taking the time to share updates and pictures.

Our carers are constantly asked, “How can you do it? I’d never be able to give them up!” The answer is…it can be really hard! We have had a fair few foster failures (i.e. dogs and cats that are adopted by their carers) and all carers have that one (or that dozen) dog or cat that they will never forget. The ones that you get misty eyed about when you get an email update telling you how wonderful he or she is doing…

Each foster animal is taken in as a member of the carer’s family and they love them all. Even that dog that ate your lounge or the cat that scratched up the legs of your brand new table. They all leave little, or big, paw prints on your heart. The letters you read on this page should give you a clear idea of how we can keep having fosters that enrich our existence for a time and then are gone.

Each one of these amazing pets was due to be put to sleep, each of them has received a second chance and each of them has found their “forever family”.

How can we do it??? We do it for the animals. For every cat or dog that we can find that special “forever family” for, means there’s another dog or cat we can help!

If you’ve adopted a pet from HAR and you’d like to tell us your success story please send us an email or submit your success story here.



I adopted Ash early April and found out how delicate and tricky his tummy was with food. As a lonely little kitten left from the litter he was a part of, he didn’t have any siblings and took to loving and being very social with as many people as possible in the house. I woke up to him curled up next to my head of a morning, in between the pillows, he sits in between your legs on the couch, and loves to chase ribbons and his favourite mouse toy on a string. I’ve never met such an adventurous and social kitten before, and realised that this little ginger pal of mine was the perfect match for me. He even follows me into the bathroom when I have a shower! I love my adventurous ginger ninja so much and can’t imagine how the past 5 months would’ve gone without him.



Another HAR success story with Gem the tabby kitten. Received this wonderful email from the new owners.

“Great news, everyone is happy with Gem.

You’ve done an amazing job she is so well behaved and toilet trained, making it easy for everyone for her to settle in.

As you can see she’s already a lap cat! At night she loves snuggling with Talia & Ryan in her blanket. It’s so special every night if you could see her, she is loving all the attention, cuddles and stroking that she purrs away and falls asleep in their laps on the lounge!

Thank for doing such an amazing job with her”



Thank you so much for my little girl. I love her so much and she is such a character. I cannot believe that someone could give her up and if it was for a good reason I am so sorry for them.. She is a blessing. She is now Pixie and absolutely adored.

Lexi and Buddy


We found Lexi (lab/kelpie) on the HAR web site and fell instantly in love. …she was only 1 year old at the time and still quite puppy like but settled into a really well behaved girl very quickly. We then decided we wanted to become Foster Carers so we could help save more beautiful dogs…..Buddy came into our lives as a Foster 5 months after we adopted Lexi….. well the 2 of them became firm friends and brought so much joy into our lives that he has never left!!!!

Zoumba but we call him Zola


He has been with us for a coupl;e of months and has really made our home his home as well,great fella loves the family and going for runs at the park and the beach.thankyou guys for the great work you do,he is great and is now part of our family .t

Gracie (Aleena)


I adopted Gracie just over a month ago she is such a delight & full of beans, she bonded well with my other two girls & she loves to wrestle & torment my cat too, she has learned very quickly & loves her little pool…She is bit scared around meeting people but slowly coming out of it with her sisters by her side
She was from a litter of 11, she is a maltese X i think a bit of Jack Russell in there too, she loves her daily walks & she is a very affectionate little girl loves to give kisses & cuddles, Im glad I had adopted her…

Sierra and Millie (Mila)


My husband and I adopted Mother and daughter Sierra and Mila just over a year ago.
I loved Sierra the minute I saw her photo on HAR website, and when I enquired about her, she still had one baby not yet homed. Mila. Who we now call Millie, plus a few nicknames!
Sierra is the most beautiful girl and although can still be scared and timid at times with strangers, has relaxed so much since coming to us. She makes the cutest chirping noises when she wants her biscuits. She hates loud noise but loves morning cuddles and playing ping pong.
Millie is very affectionate, loves exploring and long afternoon sleeps on our bed. She has the longest tail ever and she is still growing by the minute.
The make us smile every day, we just love them so much.
Eliza and Mark



Ricky caught my eye on the HAR website a few months before I contacted his carers Rochelle & Scott.  When I met Ricky I fell in love with him instantly.  Scott and Rochelle were so nice,  they allowed Ricky to spend weekends at my house before the big move.  Ricky has now been living with me for about a month and he is the best fur baby out!  I have enjoyed watching his personality show and he is the best guard dog. Ricky loves walking, playing fetch, cuddles and meeting friendly doggies on our walks. Everyone in my family loves and adores him and he is so spoilt – just as he deserves to be.
If you are thinking about getting a new pet consider getting a rescue dog or pet.  They will love and adore you furever and they really deserve another chance to live the rest of their lives being cherished and loved.
From Ricky & Joh



I adopted Samson when he was 3 months old. He was a good puppy, not much of a biter or chewer and never strayed from my side. My parents were skeptical that getting a dog was a good idea-I was 20 at the time and living in a rental. Five years later and he has won over all of my family, especially my dad. He loves walks, swimming and playing fetch. If you cover him with a blanket when it is cold he won’t move until you uncover him. He loves to talk, people visiting often think he is being aggressive so I have to explain that he is talking to them. He has always been by my side and helped me through some really tough times. Im not sure what I would do without him! Thanks to HAR and all its dedicated volunteers for all their hard work.
Hannah Gow

Simba (formerly Kelby) and Toby (formerly Koby)


Our family were very excited to bring our kittens home! They settled in very quickly, within an hour they had taken over! Our intentions to have them sleep in the rumpus went out the window night 1… they sleep with us, most nights we are treated to a 1am wrestle match lol. Love our babies, thank you Hunter Animal Rescue for toilet training and caring for our new family members



We fell in love with our Maizee 7 years ago when we met her at the Warners Bay Adoption Day. She had on a little coat that said ‘Adopt Me Please’. Maizee is a cross blue cattle/kelpie, smart as a whip, and cheeky as a monkey. She can read your mind and talks to you constantly. She makes us laugh, loves everyone and is the happiest dog in the world. Do yourself a favour and adopt a beautiful, worthy, loving animal from HAR. They will repay you in mountains of love and laughter. Happy Easter Everyone!



So I have had Bullwinkle for almost a year now and I am so lucky to have adopted him.
He is a great source of entertainment with both kids and other dogs, his below average intelligence is the highlight to most of my mornings as he without fail always runs into my legs and sends me up and over.

He is such a playful fellow who gets along with almost snything he comes into contact with as long as he has his cup of tea in the morning (yes he has his own made for him).

I was so reluctant to get another dog after loosing my Bruiser way to suddenly but after i saw him i couldnt say no, with thise long legs and big dopey head of his.

Thank you Belinda and Hunter Animal Rescue for giving me my silly little fur baby.



From Ziggy: I came into care with Hunter Animal Rescue with little to no obedience training, but I learned quickly that if I did as I was told that I got a treat. I love treats. So I caught on pretty quick. I wanted all of the human attention, but now I have learnt to share.

From adoptee: “Ziggy loves to play fetch and enjoys going to the beach. She has no problems with the cat or chickens, and gets along really well with two other dogs in the family circle. Ziggy has settled in really well. She seems happy and I can’t imagine life without Ziggy now”.



My wish for 2016 is that as many dogs and cats find their forever homes as possible. I found my forever home 18 months ago and I love my family, even the cat !!. Please remember that Dogs ( and Cats ) are not just for Christmas. Please adopt, don’t shop. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to my furry friends and their humans. xoxo




I adopted little Raz back in January 2015. I had recently lost my cat of 18 years, and was slightly hesitant to take on a new companion.

I was in the process of meeting a few kittens, and all of your foster carers were wonderfully accommodating, friendly and helpful. Raz really picked me, when I met him he climbed up my leg, while other kittens were very shy.

As you can see, he loves attention. He has grown into a beautiful young man! He loves climbing up on top of things (me included) and is obsessed with water. I’ve never heard of a cat getting IN the shower with you, but Raz doesn’t mind getting wet.

I cannot commend your organisation highly enough. Your workers and volunteers provide a crucial service for animals who would otherwise not have much hope. The support I received from your volunteers, even after the adoption, was second to none.

Thank you for linking me with my new spirit animal.

All the best

Kyle and Raz



I adopted miss Sansa in May 2015 and she is absolutely beautiful. When i first met her I fell in love with her crazy and cheeky personality, and it was an absolute no brainer that I would be adopting her.

She has gotten me through some extremely difficult times this year. It’s to believe such a tiny animal can give you so much love. Thank you so much to her carer (Keira) for looking after my baby. Without you, and HAR i wouldn’t have had the chance to meet her and give her a forever home. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Brianna



HAR Foster Carer: Twitch was a young pup from a litter of 11. He was the biggest of his siblings. Although it was a lot of work having puppies in the house, it was definately worth while and Twitch was one foster that was hard to part from. He was sweet, smart, and affectionate. The great family that adopted him came from hundreds of kilometres away on several occasions to first meet him, and then just to visit until they were able to take him home. I knew straight away that Twitch was going to be loved by this family. I hope they keep in touch with HAR in the future and show us how big this boy will grow. All the best Twitch. I will miss you!

Adoptees: “Twitch has been renamed Arthur and after a week he has been doing well. He sleeps on our beds and has become good friends with our other dog Iris. We are walking him every day with a harness and he is a lot better on the leash. We also bought him a “slo-bowl” so he doesn’t eat too quickly.”

“After 2 weeks Arthur is still doing great. He has settled in well and Iris and himself love a big play. He went down to the beach for the first time yesterday and had lots of fun jumping into the waves. He has grown a lot and is very strong.”



My gorgeous little girl has brought me lots of love, licks and hugs. She is just adorable.

I am so grateful to HAR and the lovely carer Bronwyn for bringing her into my life. When I lost my darling Phoebe I was so heartbroken and never thought I could love another dog, but then I got Penny.

Theo (formerly Nick)


We adopted Nick as a young kitten from Alison at Raymond Terrace in January of 2014. At that time, we could have had no idea of just how well he would settle in and become a very large part of our lives. He very quickly built a large array of toys and balls that we are still discovering hidden in random places around the house. It was watching him dribbling one of these balls that caused us to rename him Theo, after one of Brett’s favourite soccer players.
He is over 18 months old now and has settled right in to a routine of sleeping, eating and playing. He enjoys sleeping on top of his climbing tower and playing with his cat toys. Most of the time, however, he seems to forget that he is actually a cat, as he prefers sitting on the couch with us, drinking from our water cups and sleeping in between our pillows at night.
He has certainly brought a lot of joy to us in his short time here and we are looking forward to many more years with him. Thanks to Alison for fostering him and adopting him out to us and to Hunter Animal Rescue for the opportunity.

Brett & Shelley



We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Hunter Animal Rescue for our new family member, Blake. We are so happy to report that Blake has settled in beautifully to his new home. His big sister Holly was a little unsure about her new brother to start with but once she worked out he was fun (and we all still love her too!), they haven’t stopped playing together. Holly and Blake love their morning runs on the beach together. As Blake’s foster mother told us, Blake can be a little cheeky and loves transporting socks (and now bras!) from the washing basket. He does this much to the amusement of our two children. We all thank Hunter Animal Rescue for the wonderful work that you do. We are so lucky to have Blake in our family. He is one very loved little boy.



Hi all at Hunter Animal Rescue

Although Dolly was hyper-alert and I thought may take a while to settle in to a new home, she has found her special place in life. Storm (Dolly) has two small furry friends to play with, two young teenage girls and the father who has spent time teaching her to walk properly on a lead. They say she still has issues with new males but has settled into their home life exceedingly well – gets to sleep under a blanket beside the bed. Just wondering how long before she tries to get ON the bed!

Being a large dog with some issues, I was a little concerned about finding the right home, but she has come a long way from the time I picked her up from the RSPCA. Just want to say Thanks to HAR for providing Storm / Dolly with the opportunity for a new enjoyable life.




Dear Hunter Animal Rescue,

We can’t tell you how happy we are with our new furever family member, Scooter!
He’s a playful, affectionate, well-behaved cat whose first adoptive family obviously loved and cared for him very much.
At first, we could see that he missed them and was a little reluctant to give his heart to another family, but it wasn’t long before he was all cuddles and purrs!

Scooter has been full of funny surprises.

We had intended to keep him in a room of his own at first to delay his introduction to our dog Bowie (also from HAR).
But we woke up on the second morning to find our kids had given them breakfast together.
We couldn’t believe it! There they were, practically side by side, eating.
Since then, Bowie and Scooter have quickly become furever friends.
Just the other day, they rubbed noses and Scooter licked Bowie as if to say: ‘You need a bath!’
Then walked away with his nose in the air, ‘But it’s too big a job!’

On the third morning, Scooter presented us with a giant cockroach he’d found.
Thanks, Scooter! (We think that means you love us and thank us … )

He enjoys sitting on the second story window sills and looking out at the treetops.
He loves sleeping in the sun on his favourite chair and batting a little mouse on the end of a string.
He’s very good about using his scratching post (and not our new sofas!).

Our sons love that Scooter comes when they call him and that he’s ‘awesome’!
Thanks, Hunter Animal Rescue, you and your foster carers are awesome, too.
I hate to think where Scooter would be now without you.

Much love and many thanks,
Constance, Andrew, Finn and Luke O’Mara

Heres MOLLY!!!! Furever home found



We would like to welcome Molly to the HAR website, although with her charm and character, we don’t think she will be here very long.

Molly is one of many puppy farm survivors to grace the homes of HAR carers.

Since arriving in our care, Molly settled in in just a few days and is accepting of other dogs and people. She is still a little timid particularly around men but that is acceptable in light of her past.


As you can see from the pics, she is a girl who loves to lounge about and is happy just to be around people.


Her recent visit to the vet ended with a positive future for Molly. She has been desexed, immunised and been given a clean bill of health although she did loose quite a few teeth during the surgery. She has recovered well and shows no signs of discomfort.

Freed from a horrible past, Molly is just waiting for that forever home where she can relax and soak up all the love and attention….. of course she will reciprocate!!!!!

Molly had a trial with a family containing young children (2 under 5). Molly showed high levels of stress and appeared to be frightened of the children. Last weekend, we had young ones here for a sleepover and noticed the same trends in Molly.

As a result, we are recommending she go to either a single couple or an older family. We also believe it would be most beneficial for her to have company in the form of another doggy friend.

If this sounds like you…. don’t hesitate.

She has been in our care for four weeks and we would like to see her resettled before she settles in too much more.

For further information and to organise your adoption, please fill out the adoption form and email to

Steve and Julie



Brandy the Pomeranian X came to foster in a bad way. Neglected and broken. It took some time with his foster Mum to be able to trust another human. He was still learning to trust when he was adopted. There were signs that Brandy may not trust both of his new owners, but thankfully they persisited, and they have both now gained his trust and love. Brandy could not have gone to a more perfect home. He is one spoilt dog with Sandy and Jordon.

Hudson (Formerly known as Cain)


This very handsome little boy came into my life at 9 weeks of age and life hasn’t been the same since – I wasn’t looking to adopt another cat but after the unexpected loss of one of my cats I cam across the listing for Cain (as he was know then) and it was fate….. Hudson (as he is now known turned one yesterday) and he is a very spoilt little boy who is a very much member of the family… Life would not be complete without my “little man”….



Zorro is doing great. He is the funniest!

Star, my poodle, is getting along with him good too – they have funny moments but are getting there!



I adopted Rhani in 2011 and could not imagine my life without her.
She has everyone under her spell when they meet her and is a very spoiled little girl.



We adopted Ajax in 2011 when he was just a puppy, we absolutely fell in love with him when we had him on trial. He is a Maltese X, but no one really knows what he is crossed with.

He has grown up so much in the last 4 years, he has worked his way from sleeping on the floor to being allowed on the couch whenever he wants.

Ajax is such a kind and sweet little fella and a huge thank you to HAR for bring Ajax and us together!!



We adopted our beautiful girl Bella along with our grump Micky almost three years ago. They were not in foster care together but quickly grew to love each other as we love them. Bella has the most beautiful nature and is infinitely patient with my children who are 11 and 9. She still gets super excited when we arrive home (even if we have only been gone for 5 minutes). After all this time, she still pulls when walking on the lead and gets nervous at sudden movements or noise, but they are just her quirks. She loves nothing more than to snuggle next to you on the lounge after wrestling all day with her brother Micky. We could not have asked for a lovelier natured dog and so pleased to have her in our family.

Lillian & Lloyd (previously Toby)


Thanks HAR for enabling us to take two kittens home in early 2013. Two more different cats you will never find. Regardless they are the best of friends! Lillian is a social butterfly & has made friends with everyone she meets including little children. Lloyd is the biggest scaredy cat ever & hides in the bathroom vanity basin during storms. They both love their cuddles though & bring us so much happiness.



I have only had Charlie since July. I adopted her after the death of my beloved Mitzy who I had for 18 years.
Charlie has settled in extremely well and is now a very valued member of my family. She is becoming the light of my life and is beginning to trust us which is wonderful. Can I say we have had no problem with her barking which as I believe was the reason she was surrendered. Charlie is a Papillion and as such has a nervous nature, however with our love for her she greets us with a wag of her tail as she does circles.
I would like to suggest to others who are after a companion to check out Hunter Animal Rescue as these cute fury friends need homes to go to where they will be loved and give love.
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to love another cute and cuddle friend.
Fran Wilson



We adopted chief from HAR in 2010. Im not sure if you remember him, he was in bad shape when you rescued him. We loved him from the minute we saw him and we still love him just as much. We have since had a child and they are really great friends. Chief is so patient with him and chief has also learnt if he gets close enough at food time he will score some under the table snacks. Thank you for saving these beautiful creatures.



Camilla came into our family about 3 months ago. She is still settling in but her sweet nature is beginning to shine through as I knew it would. As her former carers will agree, anyone who wanders into the kitchen is instantly Cammy’s best friend!! At first we let her take her time in getting to know us – and trust us. She used to bolt for the safety of under my bed when I put on my fan heater but now she thinks it’snot a bad idea after all!! Thanks again to HAR and the wonderful work they do.



Smartie came into my foster care back in 2011 as 6 month old (approx.) puppy from Singleton Pound. He was in my care for only 2-3 weeks prior to an overseas holiday – and I knew before I left I couldn’t let him go (foster failure)…. So I adopted him.

Smartie (named because of his spotty belly) is a bull arab cross mastiff cross boxer cross who knows what else… he was an attentive puppy and willing to learn lots of tricks. He was also full of troublesome mischief – as it was then revealed…

Two weeks before his 1st birthday, the naughty little puppy swallowed what looked to be a door stop??? – and gave himself an intestinal blockage. The next two weeks were miraculous.

Being of limited financial means HAR and its wonderful supporters came to the rescue for Smartie. Donations and support came pouring in for surgery and care. He got surgery to remove the blockage, but all was not well… he just didn’t want to bounce back.

After near two weeks in hospital, Smartie could not be administered any further stronger medications – we had extinguished our last resorts. The vets were adamant he could go no longer. On the weekend of his first birthday, I bought him home to die, that for the shortest of time, he knew as a safe loving place and what a loving home was and how it was meant to be.

Perhaps that is what was needed. To let him know, then he had a safe place FUREVER, because that Saturday, in our darkened bedroom, in the cool of the aircon and the snuggly warmth of his favourite bed and blankets – his temperature dropped half a degree. And it kept coming down. He’d decided that it wasn’t his time. He’d done it…!!!

On the Monday we both walked back into the vets to the shock of all staff.

Without HAR and without the support of its members and the community – Smartie would not have survived. He would not be here today nor would I have my very best friend and the love of my life by my side.

That is why HAR and it’s extraordinary foster carers, volunteers and all involved in helping save the lives of animals is an organisation everyone should help.

Every animal should get the chance to know love.

Always indebted
Meg, Mollyz the (kelpie cross), Sparkles the cat (another adopted foster animal) and most of all – llllooovvvveeee Smartie.




Nala came into our lives 2 weeks ago and has brought so much joy and love to our family, we knew after a few trial days that she had found her forever home .Thank you to her foster carers Scott and Rochelle who took such good care of Nala and drove her up the Hunter Valley to meet us all. We are all in love with Nala. We are a blended family of 2 adults and 4 children aged 18, 16, 13 and 7. Nala is so gentle with all of us and loves her fur sister Scout aged 17 mths. Nala loves to go on walks and is very well behaved on her lead. She loves to snooze in the sun and loves cuddles. Most of all Nala loves sleeping in front of the fire with her sister Scout. Nala is teaching her little sister some manners such as not to jump on people and to sit and wait patiently. If you are considering getting a pet, please consider adopting and giving a fur baby a second chance. They are very deserving of one. .Cath A.

Bubby AKA Otis


Hubby and I adopted Otis now known as Bubby in 2011. He’s a very vocal boy loves his daddy to bits. I just want to thank HAR for giving us the opportunity in bringing our boy home with us. Little did we know that the tiny kitten we brought home would turn out to be an oompah loompa.

Linda and Allan Burgoyne.



My family adopted Toby from HARS and he has been such a delight. He loves playing with our other dog fella. They are best friends.



We adopted our little Miss Polly a year ago now and I can not believe how far she has come!
We adopted a nervous, suspicious and anxious Polly. She is now a very big lap dog with so much love to give.
Trust me she can still be a challenge at times but has become such a loving and happy dog.
Adopting was the best pet finding decision we have ever made 🙂



Stella came to us just over two years ago, after we lost our beloved Himalayan to a heart disease. We weren’t looking for a kitten, but when we saw the cutest lttle fluffball ever, we couldn’t resist. Initially we were told that she had been adopted, but lucky for us, this fell through and that’s when she came to live with us. She loves cuddle time, but on her terms, like everything else. Some say, Stella is very spoiled, we like to think she is very loved.

Magic and Mathilda


Escapees have had a bit of an adventure and a visit with a lovely local man. Returned home via a facebook post that has been shared extensively. Thank you to the staff at HAR who were so very helpful and genuinely concerned.



Me and my family adopted fella on Boxing Day 2013 and he has brought joy into our lives every since. He loves cuddles and kisses. Fella also likes learning new tricks.



Just wanted to let you know how well Arnie has fitted into our family. He has a big sister called Rani who loves playing with him. He is a big, beautiful, lovable boy. We would like to thank his foster carers for looking after him until he found his furever home with us and for allowing us to adopt him.



A bit about me: This is Lizzie my first foster dog she is living the good life sailing with her forever family  when I first decided to become a foster carer I thought ” how hard could it be to care or a dog and find  the perfect forever home?” Well Lizzie was in hot demand 17 applications I was overwhelmed! But after lots of meet and greets and heart to heart talks with Lizziewe  found the perfect family. She shared the last 12 months with Dom a senior dachshund and gave him a new lease on life. Goes sailing with her family and is very loved by all. From pound to palace that’s Princess Lizzie! image

George (Axel)


George came to us a little over 2 months ago now and we haven’t looked back. He was 6 months old when we got him and had obviously had a rough time. He is such a beautiful natured little guy who gets on amazingly with our other dog (his BFF) Betty and our 2 little girls. He even lets our 2 year old try and ride him!! He just seems so happy and so grateful that we picked him – I know we are! We couldn’t speak more highly of HAR, their foster carers (Hi Pat! – awesome foster parent), and all the hard work they do. Thanks!!



Daisy came into our life and is filling a very big void after both my parents passed away in a week of each other. Thank you HAR for our furrrr baby. Our 13 yo chihuahua/ fox I was howeling all the time when we had to put her mum too sleep. Now Skully and Daisy cuddle up in the same bed and are the best of friends and won’t be separated.



Daisy came into our lives at a very sad time as both my parents passed away with in a week of each other. Our other furrr baby Skully was upset that her mum passed away too and would howl all the time. Now both furrr babies share Daisy’s bed inside and out and are inseparable. Thank you very much.



Around 6 months back i adopted the most beautiful little kitten i have ever seen! Her name was Tessa, however we decided to rename her Xya. She has settled into her new home, and she is now best friends with our little dog Angel, (who we also adopted from HAR!) They love running around the house chasing each other and playing. Every morning when i wake up i always hear her running to my door meowing, and rubbing against my legs purring. She’s always asleep on my lap and she never stops purring! We love her so so much!



Listed yesterday i recived a call an he is now home safean well thankyou to everyone who helped or kept there eye out



Wendy was adopted this year and came to join my home with two other cats Rhubarb and Bella.
She has fitted in beautifully.
She rushes to greet people at the gate for ‘cuddles’. She is extremely spoiled with her own pillows under the window so she can sleep and enjoy the spring breeze.



Arriving at the shelter to pick up Ralphy a lovely black and white kitten for my friend this darling little tabby ball of fluff ran up my leg repeatedly, followed me the whole time purring loudly and outright demanded to be picked up and cuddled. This was in a pen of 20 kittens!

It was obvious he was demanding to come home with me!
I had no money but the carer said if I honestly promised to give him a loving home I could take him, as it was totally obvious to everyone there that he had chosen me and quite demandingly!

Five years later I have kept that promise as I will to the day he dies. Russell is the fattest, most charming ball of fluff, has never been any trouble and constantly brings joy to my life and puts a smile on my face.

He is as devoted to me as the day we met and has put up with all sorts of canine, feline, bovine, ovis, capra and equine companions/competition!
Has moved four times, been lost once for 9mths, has a knack for getting everyone in the neighbourhood to feed him but is ALWAYS at my front door when I get home. Quite a feat as I work rotating day/night shift work.

Thank you HAR for making my life complete and for respecting Russell’s good judgement!!!! 🙂




Cade came into our life mid 2011 by default after we switched foster dogs with another carer….. and after about 6 months in foster care with us, he never left!

As a 4 month old puppy (we think he is a Bull Arab x Greyhound but who knows?) he had spent 6 weeks in Kurri pound and was due to be put to sleep the day after he came into care with HAR. It was a very close brush with death for our funny little (big) spotty.

Cade and his big Labrador brother Ben are the best of friends, and he keeps Benny young. He is a hilarious dog in so many ways. He contorts his body into the most uncomfortable looking positions, he sits on his head and is the biggest busy-body in the neighbourhood. His social skills need ongoing work, he is an OCD licker, and is generally a bit cheeky, but is the biggest softie, and we love him to bits.

Clearly the day we picked him up as a crazy puppy and wondered what the hell we were getting ourselves into, was just meant to be 🙂

Sarah & Tim

Tess (Formerly Meadow)


Hi Sarah,

We wished to touch base one year today from when you invited us into your home to meet ‘Meadow’.

It’s been a most wonderful year with your Meadow, our ‘Tess’, who is still very much a black shiny pup who thinks she is older than she really is and who has not changed much in size or shape from when she was with you.

We have become used to a tennis ball lasting only 30 minutes (she has very strong jaws), that catching and tumbling with leather soccer balls or frizbees is great fun for her (she does the most amazing catches in mid-air), that filling her “Kong” with goodies is a very welcomed pampering, and that evening cuddles are precious. Tess continues to be athletic, smart and goofy just as any Lab should, and is told every day what a perfect dog she is – in our eyes.

Tess has travelled successfully to Melbourne in the car a few times, has been gentle when needed with small children, and has dug up important plants and dug holes in the lawn while bored or burying bones. She has not disappointed any of us. The local pet barn also I’m sure is very thankful for we are good customers.  Tess owns a few ‘non-destructible’ play things, an assortment of coloured polar-fleece blankets for her bed (she gets tucked in by one of the boys every night), and assumes command of the single lounge chair in the evenings. There is something special about her whole body ‘wagging’ when her tail moves.

So thank you for making this past year possible for our family.


Cathy, Andre, Reilly, Declan and Finnian


Natasha (Formerly Lizzie)


Hi , my name is Natasha. I have been living with my humans Steph and Glen for about 18 months now. We think I was about 6-7 months old when adopted, and not 2 years as originally thought!My humans are not sure of my heritage – they are pretty sure I am part corgi, but I might also have a bit of Jack Russel or Basenji.

I was a pretty anxious puppy when I arrived here, and it took me a while to settle in. I was very scared of boots and was very timid around humans. I was originally much happier around other dogs , but I now prefer dogs my own size, particularly when I can chase them up and down the beach without my leash.

My humans have taken me to puppy school. I am progressing well, but do not like the stand for exam as other humans are touching my bottom and I still have trust issues. We are meeting lots of nice humans and puppies.

I am very glad my humans adopted me and I like to play tug of war and then crawl up on the lounge with them for a cuddle or snooze. Here is a picture of me snoozing on the lounge with my Human.
xxx Natasha



This is our Lottie girl who is 4 years old. She was born in the pound with 8 other siblings, her dad was a great dane mix and mum a staffy/ridgeback mix. We adopted her from HAR in late 2009. She is now a beloved member of our family, who everyday makes us smile and fill our hearts with joy. She has a little chihuahua sister and they get along great! Lottie loves to play “search” in the backyard, and use her amazing nose to pick up the scent of some yummy treats. She also loves to “shake” and chill out inside on her bed right next to the couch where she gets the most pats! Thank you HAR for everything you do and for giving our Lottie a chance!



Hi Guys,
Just thought we would thank you so much for Myah, she has settled in to the Brogden household
really well as you can see by the pic. She is with her brother Oliver and they get on like a house
on fire.

Hope you have a good Chrissy and a very healthy happy new year.
Best wishes
Sue, Warren, Oliver, Meggs and Myah Brogden

Cherish (cherry)


I adopted cherry 6 months ago she is the light of my life it is the best thing that has happened to me& she has changed my sons life for the better he loves her to death. This is our precious Cherry.



Dear HAR,

I just wanted to write and say what a wonderful job you all do.

Bentley came into our lives about 6 months ago as a long legged gangly puppy. He is now a long legged gangly part of our pack and life would be the same without him.

He has a beautiful nature and loves to play, run and swim with his brother and sister. His favorite gane is to steal shoes and we have often thought he should be called Imelda Marcos he loves them so much.

So thank you for giving us the oportiunity to love this beautiful large lap dog.




Hi Hunter Animal Rescue,

Boof come into our lives 2 years ago and has made our house a home.

Landis and I could not imagine ours lives without him.

He has grandparents that spoil him rotten and he has become like a grandchild to them.

Boof loves cuddles and going to the vet (yes really) but best of all going for advntures in the car.

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide and for bringing Boof into our lives

Mika and Landis Campbell

Rocky (formerly Dougal)


Back in 2011 we travelled 3hours from Sydney to meet three beautiful cross breed puppies under the care of foster mum Georgia.

We ended up coming home with little Rocky (Formerly Dougal) and we cannot thank Hunter Valley Animal Rescue enough!

Rocky is extremely friendly and playful and enjoys being around both people and other animals.

Rocky has grown to be very tall and has now received the nickname ‘Gentle Giant’ by our family and friends.

His favourite toys are his ball and kong and the odd cat toy that he sometimes steals from his brother Hercules.

Thank you Hunter Valley Animal Rescue for helping us find our Gentle Giant!

(Sootie) Jack


3 years ago on December 19th, I drove to Muswellbrook after falling in love with a photo of a 5yr old dog known as Sootie.

He has been a wonderful friend and protector ever since. My early morning walking buddy and special friend to my now almost 15 year old dog MillyMae.

Few months into his arrival, we returned home and let Jack and Milly out. Jack ran out into the yard first, not long to return to collect Milly and show her the way. He had somehow picked up on her failing eyesight. From that moment on, I knew our pack was complete.

Jack makes us laugh and smile constantly, and none of us would part with him for the world.

I like to think that Jacks former owner, had grown old and could no longer care for him, as he has such a wonderful nature and LOVES people.

Thank you for the wonderful work you all do.

Hamish (Formely Santana)


Hi HAR. I adopted a tiny grey kitten in March of this year. We named him Hamish. He is a beautiful cat. Independent and playful and has taken a liking to nightly cuddles with my partner on the couch in front of the tv. He likes playing in the garden, chasing rolled up paper around the house and playing with his adopted brother Pierre the ferret. We love Hamish SO much. He has made our house a home. Thankyou for all the great work you do finding these beautiful animals forever homes.



Hi my name is Skittles I have been living with my new family for 2 years now we are such good freinds. Im now 2 years old and i love sleeping in boxes and playing with paddle pop sticks and running a muck around the house.



Hello Everyone,

This is Zoe (formerly Suki) who has come to delight us after losing our 20 year old cat in May.

She is a beautiful little cat, so sweet and gentle and she has the loudest purr. She is fascinated by water and loves to dip her paws into her water bowl when she drinks. She likes to follow us around the house and it was wonderful to watch her surprise when she discovered things like the computer, the washing machine and music! She has made our house a home again and we would like to thank Zoe’s lovely foster carer Denise for all the good work she is doing.

Sue and Ed

Meeka & Basil


I’ve always had a cat from when I was old enough to understand how to treat an animal with love & kindness. It’s 4 years since my Tim the Cat was put to sleep @ 20 years of age. My husband said he thought I needed another cat. So I looked and looked online and saw Meeka on HAR’s website. She looked pretty cute and so we went up to Branxton to meet Penny her carer, and took Meeka home on trial. It was only a week when we knew that she just had to stay permanently. A few weeks later we decided that Meeka needed a companion, so here we are now with Basil. Basil was with Heather @ Cardiff who was pretty fond of him. My husband has never been a ‘cat person’ but he has been bewitched by both these kittens. Our home has been taken over by these 2 beautiful felines and as you can see they are the best of friends!! Being winter they love our fire in the lounge room and love sleeping on our bed. They don’t want their own bed… they have ours!!


Hi Jenny,
Bolt is going great! He has fit in to our little family so seamlessly it was like it was meant to be. He has formed a close bond with Bella and they often sleep snuggled up together. He is keeping Harry and Bella young with their daily wrestle sessions which include several rolly pollys by Bolt LOL. He has really flourished in a pack environment – he looks to the others in every new situation to see how he should act.
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have such a special boy in our life. We love our big cuddly doofus so much and I couldn’t imagine life without him in it!
Danielle & Matt




My name is Louise and I have a lovely 12 year old daughter. Over the years we have been looking at the Hunter animal Rescue website and ooooing and aahhhhing over how cute the animals were. Finally a month ago I looked and fell in love with Toby the senior dog up for adoption.

I quickly rang his foster carer and we arranged to meet. As she got out of the car and carried him to my door I looked out and knew I was gone. He was a fluffy ball with brown eyes. The moment he was in my house I knew he could never leave. Two weeks later and after buying things like an expectant mother he arrived to be our pet.

He cuddled in and slept beautifully the first night he was there and has been filling our days and nights with joy and love ever since. He has lost a few teeth and his tongue hangs out of his head, he has had accidents in the house a few times and has found his voice being quite vocal when anyone walks past our house, but I would not have him any other way. I cannot thank HAR and Joanna in particular enough for the opportunity to give this little beautiful boy a loving home.


Toby’s Mum



Hi Elissa,

Here are a few pics of Remy- she is growing up very fast. She is the laziest, most demanding cat I have ever known!!!!  She is so funny, she sleeps, eats & then sleeps again. Its such a hard life for her – see how she spends her day! Lucky she is so placid, Mia carries her everywhere & puts her in a pram & pushes her around the house. If she gets in trouble for doing something naughty,(she likes to get her way in between the lounge room blinds) even if we put them up for her to see out she still tangles herself in them OR if we don’t feed her straight away she goes into her kitty litter & flings it around the bathroom..!!!

I forgot to tell you that she has been sleeping out in the house now for the last couple of weeks but some nights around 3am she wakes up & bites toes & annoys the dog so I put her back in the bathroom… but I have learnt now to take the toilet roll off the holder as if she gets locked away she manages to unravel the toilet paper……She is just so cheeky!

She has definitely settled into our house perfectly – we just love her to bits!


Tiger Lilly


Hi Elissa

We named her Tiger Lilly, and after only a few weeks, she knows her name. She has been such a baby to me, and I am such a mum to her! We are so
in love and she follows me everywhere I go if I am in the action; toilet, shower, of course to bed! And my girls just can’t leave her alone….so often she runs away or gives up and pretends to be a toy…..! She loves her basket too… It has been great. No trouble with litter training either.

My older girl had an allergic reaction in the beginning, but it has eased after giving the cat a bath every 2 weeks and making my daughter wash her hands after playing with the cat.

It is almost time for another vaccination and vet check for Tiger Lilly.

She settled in so quickly and became a part of family, how nice to have her. Thank you, Elissa she is the one, meant to be with us! I want others to know that this is a beautiful way to find a new pet – rescued and rehomed animals give a lot of love back and I deeply appreciate what you do for these cats. It’s astonishing how many pets are abandoned and “thrown away” and when I think of my Tiger Lilly I cant imagine a day without her!




Hi HAR team,

I wanted to give an update on our pet  Kia (originally Kiara).  We adopted her in May 2010.  Her foster mum was Sue.  Kia is a huge part of our life and a welcome addition to our family.

She has been on several holidays with us since joining our family and loves to play at the beach.  She loves her daily walk except for one day a week when she meets her friends at day care.

Kia is an absolute joy and I can’t thank your organisation enough for helping us adopt her.

Kind Regards,
Sharon Casagrande



G’day Carolyn,

Anthony and Jess here, thought we would give you an update on Ruby.

Her and Cooper are best friends – they haven’t separated since we brought her home. She settled very quickly with the exception of the first night, she was quite distressed and cried all night, but she was fine the following night, and slept outside sharing Coopers kennel without a peep all night.

She is so playful, took her to a friend’s house where she played like a nut with his dogs for hours.

I think you guys must have nailed her toilet training because she hasn’t gone inside with the exception of her first day.

She finishes her food in about 20 seconds which is wonderful since Cooper is the same, she always shares a bone with him or any toy for that matter, she cuddles any chance she can get and is overall the perfect puppy we could ever hope for.

Thank you so much! We will send you more pictures when she grows up a bit more. =)

(added 31/1/12)



Hello Hunter Animal Rescue!!

We adopted Stuart in January 2011 and we cannot imagine life without our lively little man! When Stuart first came home he had confidence issues around men, problems with locked rooms and hated taking a bath.

With lots of patients (and cuddles) Stuart has come out of his shell and is now the life and soul of our family! He is now a very independent little dog with truck loads of character! He loves going for long walks, playing in the park with his friends or simply cuddling up between his new mum and dad in the evening. He has a huge basket full of toys and no less than three beds!

One stays upstairs permanently, but he enjoys moving the other two around the house in an attempt to find new and exciting places to sleep. We have just moved house to the beach and Stuart is enjoying his new laid back beach lifestyle greatly.

We would like to say thank you for rescuing Stuart! He has provided us with so much love, joy and laughter over the last year (and hopefully will for many more to come)! We would not have been able to experience that without your great organisation, so thank you again!

Love the Tate family xxxx

(added 17/5/12)



It’s been along time comming but we promised you an update on Lady.

We fell in love with Lady when we saw her on your web site in April. Her discription fitted us to a t. It was a long trip from the Sunshine Coast in QLD. to Newcastle.

She was excellent in the car on the way home.We drove straight through stopping only for pit stops of course. She’s taken awhile to setle in. She had to learn to share and not be me me me all the time; having come from a one dog home(as far as we know).We had a few problems and thought we might have to send her back at one stage. But we are all OK and back on track after getting Barkbusters in to help
with the situation.Lady loves going in the car, going for walks along the Maroochy River,
running in the back yard, playing ball and loves Torty ( the cat who is
17). She has come to love  her sisters Belle (10yrs) and Bonnie(4 1/2
yrs) and realises her new Mummy and Daddy love everyone equally.
Lady has settled in well now and has calmed down and is still learning
A LITTLE STORY FROM LADY: hello foster mummy. i have really fallen on my feet at this new place. i have sisters to play with and heaps of toys and 1 1/4 acres to run on. i got rid of all my fleas and i don’t itch
much anymore. my hair has gotten thick and doesn’t smell anymore because my mummy has special shampoo and she baths us in her hydro bath .  i put 2kgs on. i look and feel the best i ever have. i have had training to do , but it is fun. i am learning my manners.  my mummy made me my own pair of Jym Jams to keep me warm on those cold nights as we have to sleep outside up here. it is warming up now and soon we will be swimming in the pool, this sounds like fun. i even visit my Grand-ma and Grand-dad who have 100 acres. i love it here. A big thank you to you Kylie for letting us come all the way down to Newcastle to get Lady.   Michelle and Ross Lots of licks from us too!  Belle, Bonnie and Lady (meow from Torty).

Sheff aka Max


Hi Bre,  My name’s Allison and We adopted ‘Max” off you guys back last year, I thought its about time I sent u an update and some pics! Firstly I don’t know if you recall but we changed his name to Shef. He has grown into a sook!!! I take full blame for it too! lol he’s my baby! He still thinks he’s little sometimes, he trys to sit on you or walks on your feet..and it hurts! We still havent figured out what breed is his, everyone has a different opinion, the favourite is german shepard x We dont know! lol The vet thinks he’s definitly shepard, but really I don’t care, he’s adorable! He went to see santa at xmas time, and he was scared! One of the biggest dogs there, and more scared than the smallest!  He had a rough patch in december, his big brother kitty was killed by a car, the saddest thing was watching Shef look for him and lay with his things. But we got a new kitten since, and Shef is so good with him, they play fight, eat together, sleep, Cody even licks shef clean! If Cody hides somewhere Shef can’t fit he will cry till he comes out! Its absolutly adorable and heartwarming to watch! Also we discovered Shef has dermititas, he has special cream for break outs, but he’s going back to his Dr on monday because he has some thinning bits of  fur im concerned about. Well I think thats about all thats new, Have you heard from his brothers or sisters? I would love to see a photo! I hope you enjoyed this update and his pics!    From Allison..



Hi Nicole
As promised, some pics of Megs in her new home. Shes so tolerant…see her in the bandages playing hospitals with Miss 3. A real sweetie. She always  sits with us on the computers, and generally hangs out with us. we simply adore her.  

 thanks again     

   kate (megs, and the rest)

Tarrie, Angie & Rosie


My family have over a couple of months had the pleasure of adopting two kittens and one older cat from HAR and what a wonderful experience it has all been. We adopted Tarrie, Angie (Tarrie’s kitten) and Rosie (was Zara).

I cannot say enough about the dedication and professionalism Jennah and Kerryn showed throughout what may have been a worrying time. All three had a few health hiccups with cat flu which have resolved 100% with no vet costs….a few phone calls to and from Kerryn 🙂 and many  laughs.

Thank you HAR for caring for our girls until they joined and became a part of our rather large family. Having adopted many animals before,
the difference in the settling of your pets compared to others purchased elsewhere into our family was huge. Never have new four legged family members blended so easily and perfectly. I believe because they are cared for the way they are before finding their forever home just makes them happier more contented cats. It really does make a huge difference.

Each of the girls has a different personality trait but have each found their place in our family. Angie is the most affectionate cat we
have ever had and has a glowing personality that even our most stubborn cats are partial to, not to mention her surprising ability to
play fetch. Rosie has an adorable face that makes us all melt. She won’t take any bluff from any of the other cats but at the same time
makes friends as easily as her foster sister Angie; finding a friend in our own gentle giant Gizmo. Tarrie is a beautiful cat that has emotionally touched us all. She is the string that ties this little part of our family together; having a maternal role that she takes very seriously even with the other members of our four-legged family.

Without HAR we wouldn’t have been able to have these gorgeous animals amongst our family. You all do a wonderful job and I hope others continue to be given the rewarding opportunity we have by adopting one of your truly special animals.

Thank you to everyone at HAR and particularly all the people who make it possible for animals who come from harsh backgrounds to be given a second chance.



Hi Alisha.

Monty is looking very handsome after getting the works at Absolutely Pampered Pets so I had to send you a picture.

Thank you so much for introducing us to Monty, the whole adoption process was a pleasure and he is now a much loved member

of our family. Many thanks also for all the advice and information on how to care for him.

regards Naomi

Ralph aka Popeye


We adopted Ralph earlier in the year (end of April ? I think), and I promised Joanne that I would send through a photo and let her know how he was doing. Ralph is so small and he wasn?t in the best shape.  Our first day was one I?ll remember ? he managed to get under the house and wouldn?t come out.  We tried every type of treat there is, and patrolled the outside of the house for hours.  I eventually called Jo, who was so calm and reassuring.  She told me just to leave him alone and leave the back door open and he would eventually come in.  True to form, I was in the kitchen later in the day and he just strolled in behind me. Ralph has come such a long way since then, still very wary of people he doesn?t know, but he loves to play with our other dogs, loves to go for a walk and has his spot right in front of the fire on a cold night (even though his coat has grown quite nicely now).This picture shows Ralph taking it easy on the arm of the lounge chair!

Thank you HAR. Regards, Karen and Ken



Hi Bre,

I took Bundi to the beach yest. morn to Stocko and let him run and play  with another dog and the odd fella doing the surf check. He also tried
to follow me out when I went in. I turned around to find that he got  covered by a shoredump.One minute he was dry drenched with big
floppy ears,with a look of “woa what happened then”. But he hung around and enjoyed himself by chasing seagulls and playing with a mates staffy.A good first for him.Last time we were there he ran free but I was with him. So he knows that when he goes in the 4wd he going somewhere cool.  Kell

Billie aka Roxie

Billie was dumped at the pound with her mother Jemma and 3 siblings at only 4 weeks old
Just a little note of encouragement to all you beautiful HARS people!
             .I have not excluded myself , yet , from doing , in the future,  what you guys do ,  but,  I  have only increased my desire to TRY someday ,  to do so because you have inspired me so!,!  After meeting you and seeing close up just what you do, and beginning to understanding just how challenging it must be to raise foster animals, I have only the greatest amount of respect and feelings of gratitude to you all!
             Afterall, you were the ones whom were able to give me my beautiful Billie!!! .And, Boy!, is she a dog or what!?!  She has certainly shown herself to be a dog of  extraordinary credits:- * desire to learn ,* gentleness,* a willingness to please * enjoyment in obedience, * intense focus on her “mum” (me), *loyalty to all 4 family members (kids included!), * devotion (sleeps by my side til I wake despite the arousal factor in the household,) *extraordinarily patient and tolerant of being left alone for the 2 days I work, (bbut BOY does she LLLOOOVVEE MEEE when I get home!!), *loving of all 2 legged “dogs” as well as the 4 legged variety,*excelling in puppy classes,* always having a ‘smile ‘ on her face..etc.
             The taking on of a dog of unknown history ,purely to save the pups, purely because they should be given a chance ,- as everyone should be,- is a really admirable quality of philosophy of your organisation and not always found today.
              But had you not done so then our extraordinary little Billie would not have had the chance to shine as she has already done so in her few short weeks so far.
              So, THANKYOU, for many aspects of your work…
              But, Mostly, THANKYOU , for giving us the bestest little dog we have met for a very long time!!
              We have many photos on our phone cameras but, as yet ,have not worked out how to down load them.. but we will. You should see just how cute she looks with her one Kelpie ear up, and , her one  (?) Staffie ear twisting around  sideways. She was sleeping in the basket, on the floor ,next to me ,quite happily until my husband encouraged her up on the bed ,too often, ….and , now, she sleeps next to me, all night on my bed! (with my”dog-hating-cat” right next to her!) What a life!!!
             I will be in touch soon with those lovely pics! Until then, please keep safe and well, and wishing all those special dogs waiting for their forever homes  much health and good luck!
             Sarah Mochrie



He plays happily in the back yard and today he did an under the floor inspection when he found the only TINY little access under the house. Joe and I were home and we could hear him barking on opposite sides of the house in no time flat. He had managed to break his way through the cracks (that are no longer there of course!) This morning I went out to meet him munching on an empty washing detergent box (clothes) which he had managed to retrieve from the laundry he no longer has ready access there!!!


As you said he was meant to be part of us. He already knows each one of us and he seems to be very happy here. Thank you again for trusting him to us. We love him already! It is pure joy for me to watch Joe with him and him with Joe.


You could write an entire thesis on the life of Roscoe. He is so wonderful. He has had a regular bath time, he is the lord of our house, Patricia wanted to take him away with her to Port Macquarie. He is growing and eating and loving being king of our back yard!


Kombi was one pup of a litter of 5 who were dumped on a council rangers doorstep at 3am one morning, The attached note simply read “Lab x, wormed at 6 weeks”. They were rescued from the pound the day before the Newcastle floods. Her ner owner adopted Kombi on his Birthday!
Hi Belinda, Just wanted to tell you how well kombi is going.
She is the best present anyone could ever ask for.
She is so lovely to have around the house,
I love her to bits and so does everyone else.
Mum was telling everyone how she just fell in love with her.
Would love to come to the HAR reunion day in March. Can’t wait to see all the other dogs. They are so cute!
 Thank you so much, You do a great job!
Can’t wait to catch up with you. Thanks Again,Mitchell & Joanne.



Hi Girls,

We thought you might be interested in an update on Nessie – she is going very well. She really is the BEST puppy. We took her to puppy pre-school for the first time on Monday, which was good fun, she is learning very quickly. She now knows sit and stay. She also plays fetch with her squeaky soccer ball, the clever thing! Nessie is walking extremely well on the lead, and every day we take her to see the lake, which she really enjoys – she splashes around at the shore but she’s not quite ready to go swimming in it yet. Have you heard anything of her brothers and sisters? And how is her Mum? I have attached some photos, I think she has grown a fair bit! Hope you guys and all the other dogs are going well.

 Mary & Jordan



Just thought that I’d give you an update on Bella and I have attatched some

current photos so that you can see how much she’s grown (another story for your success page).

When I first saw Bella, my heart melted. She was so cute,

with those little ears that always sit up, she was playing with her

foster brother and stealing her foster mum’s shoes.

I knew the minute I saw her that it was fate that she had been returned,

that she was meant to live with me and so she came home.  

Bella is such a beautiful baby, she loves nothing more than to be

surrounded by people and other dogs. She graduated from puppy pre-school

with flying colours and she has even had swimming lessons.

She also enjoys helping her Pop with the gardening (he’s not so keen).

In the new year we will be starting some obedience training too.

 Rebecca & Bella Woods

Miss Moo aka Moocha

Hi Belinda and Mandy,
Miss Moo has settled in very well and follows Madeleine around like a shadow. They spend lots of time playing outside and running around. Toilet training is going really well – she now stands at the door and barks for us to take her out (Madeleine could not believe how many puddles one tiny puppy can make!). Loves her toys, always on the go chasing balls or throwing her toys around. She has a stuffed cow that she has become very attached to and takes to bed each night.
The vet was very taken with her last week when she had her C5 needle and a general check up. The kids all love her, she is just so playful and energetic. Miss Moo loves all the kids too, she thinks they are lollipops and licks them rather than biting. Oreo the rabbit, Harry the guinea pig and Cheeky the budgie all like having her around too. We haven’t left them together unsupervised (and won’t be for quite a while) but they do all seem to get along quite well.
We love her to bits, she is a fantastic little dog and so very cute. Thank you for taking such good care of her, the world needs more people like you.




Hi my name is Lily.

I was adopted from HAR 2 years ago after my family saw me in the Newcastle Herald – they call me their page three girl. My sister (Erin) and I were rescued from Kurri Kurri pound and brought to a kind foster family. I hope my sister is as happy as   I am?  (  My name used to be Diamond if she is asking after me).

Since being adopted I have had a happy and fun life. My adoptive family are the greatest. There are walks everyday and I especially love going to the beach and the park. My favourite thing is swimming in our garden’s fishponds when I get really hot,  or sleeping in the middle of the bed. I love lots of cuddles and am a very small dog to have Irish Wolfhound in her description. Thank you HAR.

Love Lily.

(added 06/10/11)




Hi Alisha,

Grace has asked me to email you and give you an update on Monty the dog she adopted through Hunter Animal Rescue.  Monty and grace go very well together! He is great company for her and he loves to be fussed over, Grace gets a lot of visitors and Monty likes to be cheeky and show off just so he can get lots of pats.  His coat shines and she has done a wonderful job looking after his teeth, he has come a long way.  I have attached a couple of photo’s for you.  Monty is even a bit of a star, he ended up in our newsletter and charmed everyone.

Regards Alyshia

Alyshia petersen
Case Manager
Denman District Retirement Centre



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