• Breed: catahoula X
  • Age: 25-7-16
  • Sex: Female
  • Number: 17092
  • Adoption Fee: $350
  • Size: Medium-Large
  • Suburb in care: Telarah
  • Size in KGs: 21-25kg
  • Preferred living arrangements: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Recommended fencing?: 1.8m
  • Good with kids?: Not young children or toddlers
  • Suitable as an only dog?: Not recommended
  • Good with other dogs?: Yes
  • Good with cats?: Unknown
  • Good with pocket pets?:  No
  • Good with birds?: No
  • Activity Level?: High
  • Current level of training?: Basic commands Established
  • House trained?: Yes
  • Lead Trained?: Yes
  • Level of grooming required?: Low

 All about me and my unique personality: 

Zoe is a beautiful dog , very sporty build and has a beautiful coloured coat , she is very affectionate and likes to lean against you and enjoys a hug ! Zoe has been with our family for some time now and feels very comfortable here so she will need a little time to settle into a new home. Zoe knows sit, down and place and she baths well , we have been on group walks where she has meet other social dogs off lead and enjoys a run, she can have problems with a dog barking at her through a fence, so I will normally speed up the walk to get past that distraction and get back to a calm walk . Zoe likes to play ball and would enjoy a human ready to play with her !

My ideal home: 

My new home would need to be with someone that has the time for me and likes to walk or run . Another dog as a friend would be really helpful as I get a little anxious on my own. Someone that is good with dogs to guide her through life .

 What is known about my background: 

Zoe was originally at the RSPCA as quite a young dog. She has been in care with HAR for a long time now , just waiting for that right family !

 How do I interact with kids, dogs, cat and other pets?:

Zoe lives with a group of dogs at the moment that change all the time and gets on well with most dogs, she gets excited easily so a slow meeting with a new dog works best, she loves to play rough and wrestle. She lives with 2 boys at the moment 3 and 12, she does like to get a quick lick of the 3 year olds face to say hello and runs around in play, so children over 5 would be better.


Please complete the automated adoption form below and then email my Carer to ensure it went through (there have been some IT issues with the website). The direct email address is: greg@sometime.com.au