• Breed: Staffy x (Maybe Greyhound)

  • Age: DOB 25/7/16

  • Sex: Female

  • Number: 117092

  • Adoption Fee: $350

  • Size: Medium-Large

  • Suburb in care: Telarah

  • Size in KGs: 21-25kg
  • Preferred living arrangements: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Recommended fencing?: 2m+
  • Good with kids?: Not young children or toddlers
  • Suitable as an only dog?: Unknown
  • Good with other dogs?: Yes
  • Good with cats?: Not recommended
  • Good with pocket pets?:  Not recommended
  • Good with birds?: Not recommended
  • Activity Level?: Medium
  • Current level of training?: Basic commands Established
  • House trained?: Yes
  • Lead Trained?: In training
  • Level of grooming required?: Low

 All about me and my unique personality: 

Hi there, I’m Zoe and can’t wait to find my new forever home! I really really hope that’s YOU! It would be great if my new owners have experience with active dogs, so you know how best to look after me and train me. I need to continue training and have some rules to follow, as I’m a little mischievous if left to my own devices! I currently live with a group of dogs and get on with them well. I have had a couple of trips out to the farm and I’m a little too curious with chickens, horses and cows… I would chase them if I was let free. I love to play, but can be a bit vocal when I get excited. I love the company of humans and love a cuddle too! I’m learning to walk well on a lead and have learnt to sit, wait for my food and drop/lay down.

My ideal home: 

I would prefer to be in a home that will exercise me daily, so if you are a runner, I’d be a great running partner! I have lots of energy as I’m still young, so anything to wear me out would be good. If you are out at work all day, then another fur brother or sister would be good to keep me company. It is also important to provide me with lots of toys such as kongs, meaty bones and enrichment puzzles to help keep me occupied until you get home. I would also need my new owners to continue training me to make sure I know how to behave. I need to be in a home with lots of love and care and that will happily include me in family outings. I also need to go to a home that doesn’t have cats or farm animals ie chooks, horses, cows etc

 What is known about my background: 

Zoe was rescued fro the pound, we have no other history

 How do I interact with kids, dogs, cat and other pets?:

I still get a bit excited as I’m still a young girl, so it would be best if I go to a mature household that have confident children older than about 10 as I might knock them over by mistake if they were little kids.

How I interact with dogs:I get along well with other dogs and love to run and play with them. I do like a good wrestle, but can get a little mouthy and vocal in my excitement. Like people though, there may be some doggies that won’t like me or I won’t like them, so we would have to meet first.

How I interact with cats:I can’t help but chase cats if they run. I have been around a cat that was pretty chilled and didn’t run away and I was OK with him, but I would best be suited to a home with no cats or pocket pets.

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