• Breed: Jack Russel Terrier

  • Age: 12yrs +

  • Sex: Male

  • Number: 118039

  • Adoption Fee: $200

  • Size: Small

  • Suburb in care: Blackalls Park

  • Size in KGs: 6-13kg
  • Preferred living arrangements: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Recommended fencing?: 1.2m
  • Good with kids?: Unknown
  • Suitable as an only dog?: Should be ok either way
  • Good with other dogs?: Yes
  • Good with cats?: Yes
  • Good with pocket pets?:  Unknown
  • Good with birds?: Unknown
  • Activity Level?: Medium
  • Current level of training?: Beginner
  • House trained?: In training
  • Lead Trained?: Yes
  • Level of grooming required?: Low

 All about me and my unique personality: 

Hey, I’m Graham, people say I’m an easy going gentleman with a passion for exploring. I love nothing more than to check out a new yard and make sure I see every nook and cranny. I’m also starting to really enjoy human company and affection, I’ve been known to fall asleep on a lap or 2. I wear the scars of a not so easy life, my coat shows neglect and I’ve recently had an amazing 11 teeth removed on top of that my hearing is not what it used to be, but I don’t let any of that bother me and I still love a good game of fetch

My ideal home: 

I just really need a loving, caring and understanding home. I promise I won’t be much trouble, but I might not hear you call my name, and it’s possible I might forget to hold my bladder every so often. I’d really like someone happy to let me curl up in their lap and someone who’ll be throw the ball for me now and then.

 What is known about my background: 

Not much is known about my background (my memory fails me), but people think I probably didn’t have an easy life…..until recently.

 How do I interact with kids, dogs, cat and other pets?:

We haven’t had Graham around small children, but can’t see any reason he wouldn’t be fine around well behaved kids. Graham is great with dogs big and small, once again just really easy going and not bothered by much. We’ve had him with one cat, and there was no problems, he wasn’t interested nor bothered.