• Breed: Bull Arab x

  • Age: DOB 9/8/16

  • Sex: Male

  • Number: 117119

  • Adoption Fee: $300

  • Size: Large

  • Suburb in care: Murrays Beach

  • Size in KGs: 25-30kg
  • Preferred living arrangements: Indoor/Outdoor
  • Recommended fencing?: 1.2m
  • Good with kids?: Teenagers only
  • Suitable as an only dog?: Yes
  • Good with other dogs?: No
  • Good with cats?: No
  • Good with pocket pets?:  No
  • Good with birds?: No
  • Activity Level?: Medium
  • Current level of training?: Basic commands Established
  • House trained?: Yes
  • Lead Trained?: Yes
  • Level of grooming required?: Low

 All about me and my unique personality: 

Ace was one of a litter of puppies raised by HAR last year and originally called Falcor – he certainly was a cutie.

Ace is a very sweet dog who returned to HAR six months ago. Ace has been diagnosed with congenital mega-oesophagus.

Congenital megaesophagus is a condition from birth where the muscles in the esophagus do not receive signals from the nervous system to relax or contract and therefore Ace’s digestive tract does function properly, e.g. there is no ‘control’ over dilation of the esophegus nor those wavelike muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract.

Ace is an ideal companion for a single person or couple who want to make him the centre of their universe for whatever length of time his condition allows. As you can see he is very comfortable and not destructive indoors having recently experienced lounge room and bedroom privileges and when he’s not sleeping will foll

My ideal home: 

Ace is in excellent health despite his condition and full of energy and playfulness. His favorite game is tug-o-wars, he enjoys a daily walk with his foster brother Tarquin and comes when called. He has a habit of lunging at some other dogs he sees when out walking so will need to have further training to desensitize him from this bad habit. He will therefore need a confident strong dog walker.

Ace requires one carafate tablet taken one hour before each meal to prevent reflux and the ulceration this can cause in the oesophagus. All food and drink should be offered with Ace standing upright like a human does, letting gravity propel the food down into his stomach. At the moment he is maintaining a good weight with two meals each day, he tolerates commercial canned food well but can also be given a quality dry food, soaked and pureed


Ideally, he should remain in this position for half an hour after eating and while he seems to manage fine without it, some dogs benefits from being fed in a “puppy high chair” and he may need this if his condition worsens. Google “bailey chair for dogs” to see an apparatus that can be used for this purpose. If you know a carpenter / wood worker perhaps they could construct one for you.

Dogs with mega-oesophagus may have a short lifespan as they eventually succumb to aspiration pneumonia, even with the best of care. Good feeding practices though can prolong their life for some years. Since he has been in foster care he has regurgitated perhaps on a weekly basis but usually only water.

 How do I interact with kids, dogs, cat and other pets?:

I love my foster brother and could play wrestling with him all day long plus zoomies around the back yard, of course and then we snuggle in a puppy coma for a few hours sunbaking in between. I am though a very dominant dog and don’t like many that I see when out and about and lunge or pull towards them to protect my foster mummy (she tells me she doesn’t need my protection but I don’t seem to be able to help myself). She does have a good trick of rewarding me with little doggie chocolates when i look at her and pay attention which seems to distract me pretty effectively and they just melt in my oesophagus.

I am currently fed separately from my foster brother as I get very territorial and angry if he comes close to my food while I am eating and given my need for a special diet I would probably be best rehomed as an only dog where I don’t have to stress over meal times.

After many months I am still not able to control my prey drive and want to chase cats, kids and adults on push bikes, skateboards, birds that fly past and ducks that waddle past, anything that moves fast really. Again I will need a confident strong dog walker.

Ace comes fully vaccinated, wormed and is on flea and tick prevention, incl paralysis tick prevention.